Geek Retreat is a “geek culture” retailer, gaming cafe, and events hub rolled into one. Our nationwide, vibrant stores offer something for geeks and non-geeks alike. Inclusive, welcoming, and social environments for everyone


We’re on a (not so) secret mission to build a different sort of business based on one big idea. In 2013, Geek Retreat’s founder, Stephen Walsh, opened the doors of our first store in Glasgow, it was only supposed to be a fun place to play ‘geeky’ games and grab a milkshake, but it quickly turned into something far more meaningful than we ever imagined. Our customers became communities that thrived in the freedom to be themselves, reveled in the enjoyment of playing games and built long-lasting friendships. It occurred to us that really, we are a home. A place where, perhaps for the first time, people feel like they belong. 

And so the idea that has become the heartbeat of our business was born. For every person that is looking for somewhere to belong, we will open a Geek Retreat. 

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our stores soon – because you belong at Geek Retreat.